Designs for Web is no longer in business.

Time to renew Web site hosting. 

I am retiring from the Web hosting business. This means that I will transfer to you the authority to pay directly for the hosting. Please go to and SIGN UP for an account. 

Then tell me the email address that you used and I will transfer the site to you. You wiil then be responsible to pay $12/year, instead of $15 that I charge. 

These same instructions apply if you want someone else to run your site

Basically, here is how the transfer works:
1) New user signs up at NSLH through

Go to this link and get an account with NSLH and be ready to use PayPal.

I will resend a request for transfer.  Then you sign in to the account you opened using new UN & PW from the host. This is the link in step 3). Step 4) is where you add $ to your PayPal account.  On the admin page for your paid-for account  near the bottom look for text that asks if you want to accept transfer of your website, select accept, and then Bob's your uncle.

2) New user receives NEW email message with login details USER NAME is your email address, PW is as given

3) New user logs into NSLH through
4) New user adds billing credits ($12) to their account through NSLH admin area
5) Old user transfers website from old account to new user
6) New user is on Admin/ page using new PW and accepts website transfer through NSLH admin area (link near bottom).
7) Website is no longer in old account, and is now in the new account

Please contact me when this has been done, thank you, Ancil 503.803.4258


Renew Domain Name by October 2020


Contact: 503.803.4258 or email

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